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Minty Melon Matcha Smoothie

Recently a friend of mine asked me to do some nutrition counselling for him. I jumped at the chance to practice my skills (it’s a long time between the end of classes and the beginning of internship). One of the things we focused on was quick, nutritious breakfast options for someone with little time in […]

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Cherries For Everyone

This time last summer you may remember I spent a day asking one simple question – “Would you like to try a cherry?”   Can you guess what I got up to today?   Need a hint? Yes, I was again asked to help out a family acquaintance by heading into downtown Vancouver to demo Jealous […]

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A Little Bit Of Relief

Finally, temperatures out of the 30’s! I think it reached 29 C here today, and we even had a little breeze coming in off the water. I didn’t even need my fan on in my office! All that hot tubbing last night must have tired me out , because I totally slept in this morning. […]

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