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I’m referring to the temperature today – 32 freakin’ degrees Celsius. 30 if you are by the water. There is no wind, just heat. I may be melting. I even had to turn on the AC in the car, because rolling down the windows just let a hot breeze in while driving. This can end […]

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I Scream, You Scream…

…we all scream for ice cream! Alas, I didn’t have the ice cream for dinner, as tempting as it was. What can I say, I guess the future RD in me (can I even say that yet? I’m not technically in the program) won out, and I made a real dinner first. But not before […]

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Light Show

Hello there wonderful readers! How’s it all going? I would have posted last night, but we had one wicked lightning storm going on, and I thought it would be better if I stayed off the computer. It was actually quite spectacular to watch though – I was driving home from a friend’s place, and the […]

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