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10 Go-To, Tried and True Recipes

In the most recent Foodie Friday post I wrote for the Northern Health Matters Blog, I shared one of my family favourite recipes that has been passed down from my grandma to my mom, and now on to me and my cousins. It got my thinking about how even though I love to experiment and […]

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Spinach & Artichoke White Bean Hummus

Hummus is something I don’t make often enough. I can’t tell you why – I do think it’s rather delicious, yet I will go weeks, if not months, between batches. I think it’s the whole thought of having to clean the food processor. There are few kitchen appliances I hate cleaning more (other than the […]

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Mediterranean Veggie Bagelwich

On our last day of classes, a group of us 4th year Dietetics students went out to celebrate with lunch at Burgoo – a great soup/sandwich/stew/fondue restaurant close to campus (I’ve been there a few times before, and posted about them here). I was really tempted to get my favourite sandwich – the Vegiterranean. It’s […]

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