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This Week In Food

I’m bringing back my Sunday night recap of my week in food. Not even sure why it stopped in the first place – I must have gotten distracted. Speaking of distracted, such is my life these days. With only a week left of classes, a presentation to give, paper to write, and two finals to […]

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Lost In Translation

Growing up in Canada, I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to both English and French throughout my life. Like on our food packages – all labelled in French and English. My French vocabulary is probably dominated by food words. Some of my favourites – le pamplemousse, la guimauve, la pomme de terre (do […]

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The First Day Of Many…

…on the road to officially becoming a Registered Dietitian! Today was the first day back at school. UBC doesn’t run classes on the first day though, they have what is called Imagine Day. A day for new students to have campus orientations, and for returning students to attend workshops, faculty functions, and check out all […]

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