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Insight Into Internship – Part 14

Boys and girls, it is official…   I HAVE COMPLETED INTERNSHIP!   So what does that mean? I can officially add the letters RD(t) after my name. The (t) meaning that I have temporary registration as a dietitian, as I cannot write my registration exam until November (they only sit 2 times per year). And […]

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Insight Into Internship – Part 13

Dun dun dun…part 13?! This must be the unlucky part right? Pfft, I don’t believe in silly superstitions like that. And in fact, this was one of the best parts of internship, so read on… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Almost another month has come and gone since my last internship update, and we are heading into the home […]

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Insight Into Internship – Part 12

7 weeks! Only 7 weeks remaining in Internship! Can you tell I’m a little excited? 😀 Okay, let’s get this update started. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It seems like it has been forever and a day since my last Insight Into Internship post. Aside from not updating you on Research Week (data collection and data entry does not […]

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