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At The Car Wash

I finally took my horribly dirty car through the car wash today. Seriously, it was looking pretty hideous – some tree across the street likes to drip sap, and then all the pollen was flying in the air, and stuck to my car. And some asshat got gum on the door! But now it’s all […]

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Thanks You Guys!

How awesome are all of you, complementing my new hair cut yesterday? πŸ˜€ Talk about ego booster! But really, I shouldn’t have expected anything else, since y’all are so awesome. Now let’s catch up food wise, okay? As evidenced by my lack of post this morning, I may have slept in.I know, you are shocked. […]

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Rockin’ The New Hair Do

It is so nice to finally have my hair cut. It was looking like ass, but now it’s all purdy and cute again πŸ˜€ I actually look presentable! I know, you all want pictures… Let’s start with the way my hair looked this morning when I went to work (excuse the lack of make up […]

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