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The Roaming Blogger

3 hours break from classes + new laptop + all required blogging software = post from school! Probably less exciting for you than me, but not posting everything in one giant post at the end of the day will be much easier on my end ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I felt like a sack of crap when […]

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Light Show

Hello there wonderful readers! Howโ€™s it all going? I would have posted last night, but we had one wicked lightning storm going on, and I thought it would be better if I stayed off the computer. It was actually quite spectacular to watch though โ€“ I was driving home from a friendโ€™s place, and the […]

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Good Afternoon

Itโ€™s true. I may have slept in REALLY late this morning. I havenโ€™t done that in years, and it was glorious! I know most of you are early risers, but this girl here ainโ€™t. I may have wasted half the day, but Iโ€™m okay with it. So my breakfast turned into lunch. Since I had […]

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