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All Suited Up

Accreditation? Check! Clothing? Also check! And if you ask nicely, perhaps I’ll play out a fashion show throughout the week 😉 It’s true – I’m almost completely ready to welcome the world for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Can you believe they are only 52 days away? Whee! So other than my free clothing […]

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The Same, But Different

Okay, so my fantabulous bagel melt for lunch wasn’t quite enough food to keep me going through a 4 hour lecture, and the commute home from school (and really, I knew that would be the case). Good thing I’d packed up a mighty fine snack for the afternoon. Yogurt & granola mess, featuring quince! Remember […]

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Making Me Sweat

This afternoon my dad brought home this interesting package. Obviously, I had to try one out. I’m not generally a liquorice fan, but I figure mango flavoured might be different? Meh, it was alright. I’m still not a liquorice person. Plus they get stuck to your teeth. I then had a nice long nap. Curled […]

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