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Healthy Hydration Made Easy

This ain’t your old sugar filled, neon-coloured bottle sports drink of choice. This is better. Much better. And all it involves is 4 (or optionally 5) simple ingredients. It has been very hot, humid and muggy here lately, especially with all the particulate in the air from the 400+ forest fires currently burning in BC. […]

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Cramming The Days Away

It’s crunch time for those 3 midterms I have this week, all clustered into the span of two days. Hence my lack of post last night – I was busy blinding myself with (food) science (please tell me someone gets that song reference). But now that I have a few moments to spare while I […]

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Dressed For Success

Well, I accomplished my shoe finding mission today, and mom made all the hemming adjustments to my clothes (damn short legs), so I’m officially ready to start work tomorrow! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – what about all that happened today? I unexpectedly was able to sleep in just a wee bit longer […]

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