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Hiatus & Hibiscus

Hello there wonderful blog readers! I know it has been awhile – I apologize for the extended hiatus. It was completely unintended, but a series of life and health events have kept me from sitting down at a computer to share with you more from my world of food. Don’t worry – nothing too serious […]

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Home Brewing…Kombucha!

Ah, kombucha – that funky, sour, over-priced drink that is all the rage with bloggers, hippies, and hipsters alike. Okay, I know, I’m totally over-generalizing the whole thing, but you have to admit, it’s pretty trendy these days. I remember being on the search for kombucha before it was readily available in every grocery store […]

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An Indulgent Weekend

I just enjoyed a delightfully indulgent foodie weekend. Well, perhaps weekend is a bit of a lie – I had Saturday off, worked Sunday, then had Monday off – but whatever, it’s a close to a weekend as I get these days! The fact that I had a whole Saturday free to do what I […]

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