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Wanted: Witty Post Title

Oh how I loathe coming up with something catchy to title my posts. Sometimes, my brain just ceases to function, and nothing comes to mind. Here’s hoping my title writer’s block doesn’t extend throughout this post. Fingers crossed! After my typical day off from work sleep in, I woke up basically starving. Not sure what […]

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Hockey Day In Canada

How perfect is a Saturday where you can watch all 6 Canadian NHL teams in action, against each other, all day long on tv? Okay, I realize some of you might not think it’s fun, but for me? Perfect! Too bad I should have been studying biochemistry all day 😉 My Saturday started off like […]

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Who Likes Snap Peas?

I do, I do! Yes, last week it was English Muffins. This week, it’s all about the snap pea. It all started on Thursday last week, when they served snap peas with my meal at the restaurant for my mom’s birthday. So when we picked up the veggies for the big party on Saturday, a […]

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