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Loafing Around

I’m pretty sure I’ve reached my bread quota for the day. That wonderful loaf of Farmer’s Market 7 Grain bread made another appearance at dinner! It was basically a leftovers dinner. I grabbed the pinkest piece of roast beef I could find. And yes, I cut out all the marbling that I could. I cannot […]

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Will Work For Shoes

How nice was it to not get up before the birds and not have to spend 3 hours on public transit today? Hurray for weekends! We had an absolute downpour last night, but when I got up, it was a beautiful sunny day I scrapped oats, and went a different route. I had some yogurt […]

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Time Warp

Wow, what happened to me posting anything on Friday? My day just got away from me, and by the time I made it down to the computer, I was just too tired to write up anything worth reading. I’m still trying to figure out this whole school schedule thing and how it works with my […]

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