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Chicken Or Chickpeas?

I had every intention of eating the black beans I knew I had in my fridge. But when I opened the container, it didn’t smell so good. And I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be white spots on the beans. So I tossed those. And stood in front of the cupboards & freezer deciding what I […]

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Not Quite As Planned

So, I know I said I was off to the gym, but I decided against it. I was just too pooped to even think about changing into my gym clothes. I ended up on the phone with my mom for awhile, then realized, hey, the mall is open late tonight. I should run the errands […]

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That’s how I’m feeling today. Not only am I tired, but this week is way too long. All afternoon, it felt like it should be Friday. Alas, there is still one more work day, then I get to go home for the weekend! Although, even that’s bittersweet – sure, it will be great to see […]

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