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Chips Squared

Boy am I glad it’s Friday. I think I appreciate the weekends more now that I’m back in school than when I was working, probably because I have such early mornings now. It makes sleeping in seem extra special 🙂 Too bad I need to get started on a crapload of school work this weekend. […]

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Ready & Waiting

Custom trail mix is always a winner to keep me going through my 4 hour class on Tuesdays & Thursdays. But it sure is nice to come home from my long, 12 hour day at school, knowing dinner will be ready and waiting for me when I walk in the door. Mom had done up […]

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Who Likes Burgers?

Apparently my family! Seems like we have them once a week. And tonight was burger night On my homemade beef patty sits faux cheese, lettuce, onion, mustard, ketchup, and dill pickle relish. Can’t leave out that fluffy white bun either. There was also salad – romaine, radishes, cucumber, and green onion. My dressing of choice […]

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