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Saturdays Aren’t School Days

And yet, I was up early and out the door to head to the university. The first week of school, and already I’m down to one day weekends?! Tell me this isn’t a sign of things to come! I wasn’t in a real rush this morning, but wasn’t feeling a big bowl of oats – […]

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Mystery Solved

No longer will you have to put up with me complaining about how dodgy my internet connection has been. We have solved the mystery! Turns out the stereo speakers upstairs are interfering with the signal from our router, and therefore I lose my internet connection. We have a wireless set up for the surround sound, […]

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Your Call Is Important To Us

…Please continue to hold for the next available operator. I just spent the morning on the phone with various businesses getting my address changed. Oh how I love call centres and the wonderful hold music you get to listen to. I also found out that some places I cannot change my address over the phone […]

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