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Ménage Aux Macaroons

Last week I saw some Twitter action about macaroons. You know, those sweet, soft, golden coconut filled treats. You can see why this caught my attention – hello, coconut! Fortunately, there were some links shared to a lovely raw macaroon recipe that said tweeter uses as a base for their own baked macaroons. And apparently […]

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School’s Out For Summer!

Why hello there summer vacation, how are you? As you know, I’ve kicked off my summer vacation with a bang – or least some fun – by going to The Wellness Show this past weekend. I’ve also watched some hockey, socialized with friends,, hit up the gym, and worked. It’s been good times all around, […]

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Cookie Monster

As much as I love to cook a great meal from scratch, some nights is nice to know that you have leftovers waiting for you in the fridge, so you don’t have to do any thinking, just reheating. Tonight was one of those nights – open a few tupperware containers, throw food in a bowl, […]

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