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T-Minus 10 Days

Holy crap people – can you believe that in 10 days, the Olympics will be starting in Vancouver? I still remember watching TV the morning they announced that we won the bid for the Games, way back on July 2, 2003. You better believe I had plans to volunteer at the Games, even back then. […]

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Personal Food Shopper

It’s Friday…well, it’s almost Saturday, but let’s not get caught up in technicalities. It all means the same thing – the weekend is here! Unfortunately, my Friday didn’t start off quite as I wanted. Yes, I slept in. My bed must have been just too warm and comfy, because my body was not getting out […]

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I’m Dreaming…

…of a White Christmas. Okay, so it’s not really that much snow. But it still counts because it’s sticking! Too bad it’s stopped for now. They keep saying we’ll get a ton tomorrow, so here’s hoping 😀 To back track a little – I ended up accompanying my study of the Krebs Cycle with a […]

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