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Missing The Ice

Today I took a lengthy time out from studying to go out to the annual synchronized skating Christmas show that my old club puts on every year. Since none of the major competitions are in the Lower Mainland this year, it was my only chance to see any of the teams, so I figured it […]

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61 Years Young

Happy Birthday to my dad! 😀 How’s that for an oldy? That would be me and my dad when I was a chubby little baby (and kinda looked like a boy?). Keep in mind it was either late 1979 or early 1980, so that perm was in stylin’! Not only was it my dad’s birthday, […]

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And our deep freeze continues! I know that the temperatures we have here on the West Coast aren’t exactly the lows that many others across the country would consider cold, but trust me, it’s cold for us! I just wish it would bring along some snow. We did finally have some clouds move in though, […]

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