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Homework Hell

Ugh – this weekend has turned into my homework weekend from hell. I have a midterm to study for in Psychology on Tuesday, and two group assignments due for my Land, Food, and Community class on Thursday. It would have only been one assignment due that day, but alas, the schedule for our presentations puts […]

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House Bound

This is what my street currently looks like: Yes, they are finally repaving our section of road. No longer will our cars feel the wrath of the horrid pavement, that has been dug up countless times in the past year to fix water mains, with only a shoddy patch job to cover it up. We’ll […]

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Crunch Time

So…I should be studying biochemistry. But here I am, putting together a post. I’ll admit it, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I’m comfortable enough with myself to embrace it. Sure, if I’d just learn to not procrastinate, maybe life would be easier, but who doesn’t love forgoing sleep the night before a test to cram as […]

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