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Seemed Like A Good Idea…

…but sometimes good ideas just don’t pan out. Breakfast this morning was a perfect example. We had leftover cherry pie filling from the cheesecake my mom made on the weekend, and I thought it would make the perfect oatmeal topping! So Coco-Choco-Cherry Oats were born. 1/2 cup oats 1 cup milk (finished off the carton) […]

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Thunder, Lightning, And Hail!

OH MY! Storm number 5 for the week rolled in this evening, and made itself known. Not only was there thunder and lightning, but our backyard looked like this. Although I wished it was snow, it was only hail. Large, pelting hail. So much that we had accumulation, on the street even. But before all […]

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Warm Me Up

Brrrr, is it ever a cold one out there today. It’s rainy, windy, and just unpleasant all around. I’m about ready to curl up under the covers for a nap! And actually, I would have liked to stayed curled up under the covers instead of getting up to go to school. So much so, that […]

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