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Bulk Bin Bites

One of my favourite sections of the grocery store is the bulk bin section. You can get a plethora of fun foods there, in whatever quantity your heart desires. But I consider my relationship a love/hate relationship – it’s really easy to just pick up a few snacks you don’t really need, but sound like […]

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Time Slipping Away

Sorry you had no post to wake up to. I was playing around with some things on the blog, and time just got away from me! I figured it was better to wait and post this morning, so you would at least get something coherent, and hopefully well written. I had a very enjoyable sleep […]

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Game Still On

Although a little worse for wear, my Canucks showed grit and determination, and won their game tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks. We may still be down, but we are no longer out. Can’t wait for Tuesday night! And while that may have been the ultimate highlight of my day, there were many more noteworthy ones […]

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