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Grey & Rainy

Oh where, oh where, has my summer gone? It’s another grey & rainy day here today   In fact, we even had some hail this afternoon. The weather completely dictated what was on the breakfast menu this morning – oats of course. I decided to mix up the matcha goji berry oats again, as they […]

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Mysterious Breakfast

This photo just says mysterious to me. What could possibly be in that bowl? Oatmeal, of course. It was tempting to mix up some of those fabulous matcha goji oats I made earlier this week, but I saw some bananas in the fruit bowl, and was feeling the pb + b oats this morning. 1/2 […]

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Grill Skillz

Another come and gone. My “vacation” before school starts is dwindling away before my eyes! I can’t believe I only have just over 2 weeks until I’m a student again. Crazy. I’m going to have to make the most of it, that’s for sure. I was up bright and early…okay, so it was 8:30 am, […]

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