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Where’s The AC?!

Apparently at the gym – thank goodness for that! It’s still hot. I would peg it somewhere around 25 C right now, which is ridiculous for night time here. Did I mention it’s also on the humid side? I can feel it inside – it’s icky. I know, I know, I’m such a complainer. But […]

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Bowl O’ Stuff

Tonight was boot camp night, so I had myself a snack when I got home. You don’t want to be gnaw your arm off hungry while kickin’ it at boot camp. I decided to try out this Honey Roasted Peanut Clif Mojo bar that K sent me. Here’s the unwrapped shot. These bars are so […]

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Check Out My Balls

Hee hee…get your minds outta the gutter! After hitting up the gym this afternoon, I came home to set out on making dinner. I had taken out a package of ground turkey from the freezer that was a little old, but still okay to eat. I knew I had spinach and feta in the fridge, […]

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