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Personal Food Shopper

It’s Friday…well, it’s almost Saturday, but let’s not get caught up in technicalities. It all means the same thing – the weekend is here! Unfortunately, my Friday didn’t start off quite as I wanted. Yes, I slept in. My bed must have been just too warm and comfy, because my body was not getting out […]

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A Day Of Countdowns

Not only was today the 7 month countdown to my birthday (who counts down from 7 months?), but in exactly one month, Vancouver will be welcoming the world at the Opening Ceremonies of the 21st Winter Olympics. Are we ready? I sure hope so – I think I need to take a trip downtown to […]

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Missing The Ice

Today I took a lengthy time out from studying to go out to the annual synchronized skating Christmas show that my old club puts on every year. Since none of the major competitions are in the Lower Mainland this year, it was my only chance to see any of the teams, so I figured it […]

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