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Green, Green Everywhere

The plan was to do a post about something current for once, as we’ve been living in the past here on the blog for quite sometime. I thought you all might enjoy some current events thrown in while I still get caught up on the past few weeks. But as luck (of the Irish?) would […]

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One Week

In a mere 7 days, I will be settled in at home, watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games (as I’m sure alot of you will be as well). Seriously – it’s so freakin’ close! I just have to get through 3 midterms before I can truly enjoy the wonder that […]

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Hockey Day In Canada

How perfect is a Saturday where you can watch all 6 Canadian NHL teams in action, against each other, all day long on tv? Okay, I realize some of you might not think it’s fun, but for me? Perfect! Too bad I should have been studying biochemistry all day 😉 My Saturday started off like […]

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