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Sugar Mama

I seem to have amassed a vast quantity of sugary products in the past few days. You can blame the after-Easter chocolate sales for these. Dark chocolate Mini Eggs – seriously, like crack. But not cracked eggs. Those are just messy.   Robin’s Eggs – aka oblong Maltesers. Love the way they melt your mouth. […]

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Wacky Weather

Check out our backyard after all that wind last night. Bonus points if you spot the cat. Lots of Douglas fir and cedar pieces blown all over the place. Mom spent all morning cleaning off the deck and lawn. Fortunately, there wasn’t much damage to our trees, and none to our house. We didn’t even […]

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Ready For The New Food Challenge

Today was grocery shopping day, as is every Saturday around here. I decided to take a little detour to Planet Organic while I was out, to pick up a couple things I’ve been meaning to try out. Since Katie is hosting her New Food Challenge, I figured now was the time! Here’s what hopped into […]

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