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Power Posting

Although I should be finishing off my study guide for my final tomorrow morning, so I can get a good night’s sleep and be ready for my oh so important dietetics interview, I just had to get a post up for y’all this evening. My eats were good, and I feel the need to share. […]

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Spontaneous Sushi

Hello there wonderful readers. How is this last week of April treating you all? Can you believe it’s almost May? Crazy, I know. I had a day free of work and exams today, which was great. As I’m sure you can all guess, I slept in (when don’t I sleep in?). Somehow sleeping in is […]

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Approaching The Finish Line

3 exams down, and only 1 more to go. The one I consider my easiest exam to boot. Summer vacation is oh so close, I can taste it! Speaking of taste, why don’t we run through some food photos from the past few days while I was MIA due to studying. Or not studying. I’ll […]

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