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When I left you earlier, I was off for a little stroll around campus. It was a perfect crisp fall day. I even took a few pictures on campus. I’m sad most of the leaves had fallen from the trees down Main Mall, because it would have made for some spectacular photos. Perhaps next year? […]

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Hot Diggity Dog

Another Thursday has come and gone, which means one more marathon 12 hour school day has passed. Only another what, 5 or 6 weeks to go? Can you believe the semester is going by that fast?! I actually was able to leave class early again today. We were doing group work on our projects at […]

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Hockey Is Here

Today hockey season really starts back in action – every single team in the league is playing tonight. In fact, my team has already played (and lost) their game today. Should make for a very interesting day in our hockey pool πŸ™‚ But wait – what happened to me last night? Well, my dad, sister, […]

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