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Taste Test: Nature’s Path Carrot Cake Granola

While wandering the aisles of Whole Foods recently, I came across some granola that caught my eye.   You may remember when I picked up some Nature’s Path Love Crunch granola (because obviously, you all remember my posts from over a year ago like they were yesterday). Well turns out Nature’s Path has come out […]

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Spread A Little Love

No, this isn’t a Valentine’s Day post. Not only would that be excessively early, but let’s be honest – us perpetually single ladies aren’t exactly up for celebrating the day. This post is about granola.   I was at Whole Foods recently (so dangerous convenient that it’s on my bus route home from school), strolling […]

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It is official – summer has arrived to Metro Vancouver. Can we say about freakin’ time? It’s only July 5th. Today was sunny and pleasant, but they are talking we might get temperatures up over 30 degrees C inland from the water this week. Sure, it’s nothing like the heat wave going through the east […]

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