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Power Posting

Although I should be finishing off my study guide for my final tomorrow morning, so I can get a good night’s sleep and be ready for my oh so important dietetics interview, I just had to get a post up for y’all this evening. My eats were good, and I feel the need to share. […]

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A Mighty Wind

It has been one stormy day here in Metro Vancouver. Well, in BC in general actually. The wind is blowing, rain falling, power outages abound, cancelled ferry sailings – all on the Easter long weekend. We have so much blow down in our yard and on the roads. One of those days you don’t want […]

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Something Savoury

I’ve always been curious about the whole savoury oatmeal craze. In theory, I could see how it would work – oats are just a grain, so why not turn them into a savoury dish? Yet at the same time, my brain just felt it was so wrong. How could I give up my sweet morning […]

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