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Oh Camera, Come Back To Me

So I’ve got the official word on my wonderful camera – there is a secondary mirror that is broken inside, and it will cost $160 to repair. I can deal with that, because it’s definitely cheaper than buying a new SLR! But the bad news is…I won’t get my baby back for 2-3 weeks. Boo-urns! […]

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Score One For The Good Guys

My boys won their game tonight! WOOT! Although, it got a little touch and go in the 3rd period, when the ‘Hawks tied it up. I had faith though, and my Canucks pulled through. Can’t wait for Game 2 on Saturday night – I already have plans to watch it with my friend on a […]

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We’re Number One!

My hockey boys, the Vancouver Canucks, won their game tonight, and are now the number one team in the Northwest! Woohoo! Only 6 more games left in the season, so hopefully we can hold on to our spot 😀 I’m going to make this quick – it’s waaaaay past my bed time. My friend stopped […]

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