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Who Replaced My Oats With Cake?!

I was up early this morning for a change! It’s amazing how when you have something you actually want to do (leave work to head out of town), your body cooperates for once and gets up on time. I was at work a whole hour early, and left a whole hour early. And I got […]

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Boys & girls, I’m feeling in a bit of a funk today. I think I’ve been on the verge of funk all week, but today was a bit ridiculous at work. Our computer server basically died midday, so we had no access to anything. It was on & off for the rest of the day. […]

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Pizza Hut Has Nothing On Me

I decided on pizza for my game day eats – I knew I had some perfect pizza veggies in the fridge that I should use up, since I won’t be home all weekend, so it was just a matter of stopping at the store on the way home to get a few other pizza essentials. […]

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