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Brunch Is One Filling Meal

I can’t say I’ve ever really enjoyed a Sunday brunch before – it was never something my family did. But man, we had more than enough food! I headed out to my friend’s place this morning for 10 am. Her husband cooked up giant pancakes, which were served with maple syrup. She has also made […]

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Healthy Fats Anyone?

I think all of my meals today will give me some servings of all the healthy fats by the time today is done! This morning I was not feelin’ the oatmeal, and I have pretty much NO cereal in the house. Then I remembered I still have some Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes in the freezer, […]

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Breakfast For Breakfast

What a concept eh? I’m so clever 😉 ‘Twas another late night of Rockband shenanigans. I even played some guitar/bass (my nemesis), as we all decided to switch up from our normal rolls throughout the evening. I just cannot coordinate my fingers to press the right buttons. Plus I’d rather just hit on things, or […]

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