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12 Great Green Recipes to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Green is my favourite colour, so I’m pretty excited when St Patrick’s Day rolls around, and everyone is decked out in my favourite hue! It’s no surprise that I’m also a huge fan of green foods – no, not the ones dyed with food colouring, but the naturally occurring ones. Something about even the smallest […]

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Power Up With Green – Oh Kale Yeah! Mac & Cheese

You may remember last week’s post, where I told you all about my awesome partnership with Sobeys Inc and the Power Up With Green campaign (and that delicious spinach and sweet potato frittata recipe that you definitely have to go and try). Well, it’s a new week, so it’s time to power up with another […]

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Seafood & Mushroom Linguini Alfredo

Winter is definitely in full force here in Vancouver (and really, most of the rest of the country as well). We’ve been having some very chilly temperatures here, getting as low as –8 or –9 degress C at night, not including wind chill. And yes, I know, that pales in comparison to say, Saskatchewan where […]

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