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It’s Beginning To Look Alot…

…like summer! The weather this weekend has been great! Sunny, warm, slight breeze. My car was parked in the sun today, and when I got in, it said it was 30 C in there. Looks like the weather should be sticking around for awhile. Better get out those sunglasses. Per usual, I slept in later […]

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Two Down, Two To Go

Final exams that is. Yes, I have made it to the half way point in my final exam schedule, with what I consider my two toughest exams out of the way. It’s quite satisfying to have both biology and biochemistry over and done with, and to feel pretty good about both exams. Now that I […]

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Everything But Studying

Howdy all! I know I went a little MIA there for a few days, but I was busy living life and attempting to study for my biology final that I wrote this morning. Oh, and I had to get in some important hockey watching. Priorities, right? How about we recap the weekend? Sound good? Saturday […]

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