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Tropical Peanutty Pork Pizza

Two things I really love doing here on the food blog are developing recipes and taste testing new products. So when I saw that Food Bloggers of Canada had an opportunity to combine the two through a promotion with Pulo Philippine Cuisine, I threw my name into the hat in hopes that I would be […]

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Ribbit Ribbit

Or more like “croak croak”. Yes, I still sound like I swallowed a frog. Which reminds me of that old children’s story “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly”. Does anyone else remember that one? We had a great big picture book, where the “old lady” would get bigger and bigger, as she […]

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Bowl O’ Stuff

Tonight was boot camp night, so I had myself a snack when I got home. You don’t want to be gnaw your arm off hungry while kickin’ it at boot camp. I decided to try out this Honey Roasted Peanut Clif Mojo bar that K sent me. Here’s the unwrapped shot. These bars are so […]

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