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Choco-Peanut Power Balls

I honestly can’t think of a more perfect flavour combination that peanut butter and chocolate. Whoever came up with that, I would like to give them a high five and a hug. Because frankly, it’s amazing. I will gravitate to pretty much any dessert/treat/ice cream/food stuff that has both of these ingredients in it. I […]

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Sideways Rain? Seriously?!

Doesn’t Mother Nature know it’s Bike To Work Week? What a cruel joke to play. Shame on you Mother Nature! My ride to work wasn’t too bad – it was cool and cloudy, but there was no precipitation coming from the sky. My knees were a little unimpressed with all the riding, but they can […]

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So It’s Wednesday…

I may have just sat here for 10 min trying to come up with a title. And that’s all I got. Pathetic. What’s not pathetic is the breakfast I woke up to. No, my cat didn’t fix me breakfast in bed (although, if anyone knows how to train a cat to do so, let me […]

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