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Christmas 2009 Part 2 – The Brunch

I hope you all enjoyed a look at the sweet treats we whipped up here for Christmas this year (check out Christmas 2009 Part 1 if you missed it). Next up – a look at our family breakfast/brunch on Christmas morning! I would say this is one of the few times during the year that […]

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

I spent the majority of my Thanksgiving long weekend away from the computer. Good for me, because I got to enjoy my time with family (and get in some important biochemistry studying), but bad for you because I failed to post all weekend! I have a bunch of pictures on my camera, although none from […]

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Can You Come Up With A Title?

I’ve sat here trying to come up with some clever, witty title for at least 10 min. Seeing as this girl needs to get to bed, I’m just gonna run down dinner. Mom cooked up some local side-striped shrimp tonight, in some garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, white wine, and parsley. I love me some […]

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