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A Good Hair Day

I’ve been told by more than one person today that my hair looks good. Even my sister wanted to know what I did to it. That must be saying something! A good hair day deserves a good recipe, don’t you think? You may recall one of my New Year’s goals was to consume beans on […]

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Welcome To 2011!

Happy New Year’s everyone! Hope you all had a fun, safe end to 2010, and that 2011 has been treating you great so far. I know things have been going great for me. My end to 2010 was low key but fun – I worked Friday morning, then came home to do some baking before […]

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Zoom, Zoom, Zumba

Hello there blog readers! Hope you all have had a good start to your weekend. My Saturday has been jam packed with all sorts of interesting events. I’m fading fast here though, so hopefully this doesn’t take too long to type out 🙂 I had somewhat of a sleep in this morning, but not my […]

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