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Tropical Peanutty Pork Pizza

Two things I really love doing here on the food blog are developing recipes and taste testing new products. So when I saw that Food Bloggers of Canada had an opportunity to combine the two through a promotion with Pulo Philippine Cuisine, I threw my name into the hat in hopes that I would be […]

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A Beautiful Day For A Hair Cut

When I started the day, my hair looked like this. Were my hands not up above my head, you would see that my shaggy mop actually reached all the way down to my bra line. Much like all the Canucks shaving off their playoffs beards today, it was time for a hair cut! But that […]

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Game Over

Le sigh. It is official – my beloved Canucks are out of the playoffs. It is time for me to hang up my jersey and say goodbye to the great season we had, while waiting for the boys in blue to return in October. I guess the only bright side is that I don’t feel […]

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