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Fresh Food – Fast

Long day, long post ahead. I’ll try and keep the commentary brief, for your sake, and mine as I have some important reading to get done before bedtime. As our milk had gone bad, I decided to forgo my regular oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. Peanut butter + + honey on toast! I toasted up […]

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Greener Than Expected

I’ve had a rather productive day so far. I hit up the gym, then came home and applied for a few jobs online. Can I just say, some companies online job application processes are a little intense. Every one that I applied to today included a lengthy questionnaire/survey/behavioural test, and required me to fill out […]

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Humming & Hawing

That’s what I spent my evening doing – humming and hawing over what to do about my laptop dilemma. Have I come to a resolution? You’ll just have to wait to find out As I had a super late lunch, I was not hungry when the dinner bell rang around 5:30 pm. So I failed […]

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