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Zoom, Zoom, Zumba

Hello there blog readers! Hope you all have had a good start to your weekend. My Saturday has been jam packed with all sorts of interesting events. I’m fading fast here though, so hopefully this doesn’t take too long to type out 🙂 I had somewhat of a sleep in this morning, but not my […]

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The Midterm Made Me Do It

Sorry to leave you without any wonderful eats to gaze upon for the past two days, but I had a biochem midterm this morning that needed some attention. Couple that with 12 hours of work, classes, and uh…watching the Grammys…well, you can see why I may have needed some space. But don’t worry, I’ve taken […]

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Eyes Wide Shut

Today was a struggle – my brain was trying to keep my eyes open, but they kept rebelling all day long. I probably should have had a nap this afternoon, but I’m stubborn, and managed to stay awake, all be it in a lazy state, all day. I’m not even sure why I was Snoozy […]

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