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Christmas Week 2010 – The Holiday Burger

Today I had a lunch date with one of my long time friends (we go back to elementary school). Per usual, we have to schedule these all too infrequent occasions, as life just doesn’t allow us to connect as often as we’d like. She generally lets me pick the place for our dining adventures, as […]

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It is official – summer has arrived to Metro Vancouver. Can we say about freakin’ time? It’s only July 5th. Today was sunny and pleasant, but they are talking we might get temperatures up over 30 degrees C inland from the water this week. Sure, it’s nothing like the heat wave going through the east […]

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Mash Up Monday

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m going back in time and bringing you all the fun from Monday, including some tunes, and a giveaway winner! Let’s get started! My Monday did not start out as planned, when my mom’s cat thought waking me up at 5 am to be fed would be an awesome […]

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