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Two Fer

That’s right boys & girls – you are getting two days worth of eats all wrapped up in one tasty post! What a deal! Sure, it might be because I worked late and zonked out early last night, but let’s not sweat the details and get on to the food! Tuesday Back to school…back to […]

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Crunch Time

So…I should be studying biochemistry. But here I am, putting together a post. I’ll admit it, I’m the ultimate procrastinator. I’m comfortable enough with myself to embrace it. Sure, if I’d just learn to not procrastinate, maybe life would be easier, but who doesn’t love forgoing sleep the night before a test to cram as […]

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First Post

From the new laptop! Finally! I was having problems installing my image editing software on here, but I’ve got it figured out now, so I can blog from where ever my heart desires. Freedom! So my Sunday started out way later than planned. I guess all those early mornings throughout the week finally caught up, […]

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