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12 Great Green Recipes to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Green is my favourite colour, so I’m pretty excited when St Patrick’s Day rolls around, and everyone is decked out in my favourite hue! It’s no surprise that I’m also a huge fan of green foods – no, not the ones dyed with food colouring, but the naturally occurring ones. Something about even the smallest […]

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Tropical Peanutty Pork Pizza

Two things I really love doing here on the food blog are developing recipes and taste testing new products. So when I saw that Food Bloggers of Canada had an opportunity to combine the two through a promotion with Pulo Philippine Cuisine, I threw my name into the hat in hopes that I would be […]

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Taste Test – Daiya Non-Dairy Cheese Shreds

One of the items in my bag of promo goodies for The Wellness Show was a coupon for a free package of Daiya Non-Dairy Cheese products. I’m all for trying out new products, not only for my own tastes, but because I feel as an RD to be, the more products I have tried and know […]

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