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A Taste of the Holidays

We’re finally into December, my tree is decorated, and the snow continues to fall on an almost daily basis. My culinary thoughts have definitely been holiday baking – shortbread, butter tarts, chocolates and more! I’m not sure what festive treats I might actually have time to make this year, especially considering we are flying home […]

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Midnight Musings

It’s after midnight – time to do some musing.   1. Buying a 1 lb tub of baby spinach might not be the best idea when you are the only one who will eat it. Side salads with every meal! Green smoothies galore! No wrap is complete without a little spinach!   2. Hazelnut milk […]

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Hide The Egg

I think it’s been fairly well documented that, for the most part, I don’t eat eggs. Yes, I’ll use them in baking, eat them in quiche, and the little bits in Chinese fried rice are okay, but you won’t see me whipping up a veggie stuffed omelette or breakfast sandwich any time soon. It’s a […]

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