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Potato, Pea, and Cauliflower Curry

I love making curries for dinner – all of those spices coming together can turn ordinary, every day ingredients into an exotic meal. Not to mention they are super easy to make – all you need is one big pot, a knife, and something to stir with and you’re good to go. In fact, they […]

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Turkey & Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie

One of my sister’s favourite meals when we were kids (which she’s still pretty fond of now) was Shepherd’s Pie. Everyone has their own way of making it, and I know traditionally it was made with lamb – which makes sense, given it’s called Shepherd’s Pie. My mom always made it with ground beef, canned […]

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What’s The Green Stuff In There?

Sometimes you can fool people, and hide greens in their foods. Like if I gave you this smoothie I had for breakfast – would you know it contained any greens? Sure, it’s posing with some greenery (and purplery?), but doesn’t look green to me. That’s what happens when you blend up some frozen mango, yogurt, […]

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