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Smoked Turkey & Brussels Sprout Fingerling Hash

I love getting foodie mail. But usually that foodie mail is either a cookbook or a shelf-stable/packaged product. Which is great, but when you are a dietitian teaching people the wonders of real, whole foods, sometimes it can feel a bit weird showcases packaged/processed products. So when I saw that Food Bloggers of Canada had […]

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A Home-Cooked Meal

It seems like I never have the chance to sit down and enjoy a proper home-cooked meal anymore. I’m always in transit, at school, at work, or elsewhere. So when I get the chance to relax, sit at the table with my family, and feast on a Sunday dinner prepared by my mom, I make […]

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What’s On Your Grill?

No, I’m not talk about the grill on your car. Nor am I talking about the bling in your teeth. It’s summer – which means it’s all about the BBQ! My breakfast was not on the grill. But it did do a stint in the toaster. Remember when I made Wild Berry Spelt Flax Waffles? […]

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