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Seafood & Mushroom Linguini Alfredo

Winter is definitely in full force here in Vancouver (and really, most of the rest of the country as well). We’ve been having some very chilly temperatures here, getting as low as –8 or –9 degress C at night, not including wind chill. And yes, I know, that pales in comparison to say, Saskatchewan where […]

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Cleaning Out The Fridge

On my final night house sitting for my cousins, I realized that I still had a fair amount of produce in my fridge. I knew I could just take home what I didn’t use, but I figured it was a good opportunity to get creative with the veggies and use up what I could in […]

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You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

Oh Simpsons, you always have a quote to go with every situation. In case you need a refresher – this is from the episode where Lisa decides to become a vegetarian, and Homer is having a big pig roast BBQ. Have you seen it? Do you remember when the pig becomes airborne? “It’s just a […]

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