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Grill Skillz

Another come and gone. My “vacation” before school starts is dwindling away before my eyes! I can’t believe I only have just over 2 weeks until I’m a student again. Crazy. I’m going to have to make the most of it, that’s for sure. I was up bright and early…okay, so it was 8:30 am, […]

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Falafel-ly Good

This weekend has just flown by! I hate that – I want to chill and enjoy my weekend, because the work week is just too long and hectic. I guess having 8+ hours of your Saturday devoted to a First Aid course didn’t help anything (I passed by the way – not that I had […]

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Bad Kitty

There was a small domestic dispute this morning between me and Sienna. It appears I lost this round. It’s always fun explaining head wounds to your coworkers. I should have known she was the devil cat – there were signs when she was a kitten. Okay, so technically, she was mid yawn when I took […]

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